With the success of the new ampoules range under the Diet Horizon brand. It was decided to produce a similar range under the Santé Verte brand. Because of the differences within the sectors for each of these brands a slightly different approach was required for Bio Elixir range. The biggest problem for this project was our time frame, the whole range had to be created from start to finish within one week. To allow us to meet production time frames.
As you can see the packaging design was produced using a grid system of 3x3. A clean symmetrical approach was used within the design and consistency used throughout. Two thirds was used for the information and one third for the picture on the facing of the packaging. With the print process I utilised both Matt and Gloss Spot UV processes. Gloss Spot UV was used for each of the images per product to lift the image out whilst the black background gives very good shelf presents. This was a proven fact from the previous production of the Diet Horizon Ampoules project which I had created.
This range has finally started selling in the stores as off the 12th May 2016. A preorder program was used on this product range and to date this product launch has proofed to be the fasts selling product within the whole Santé Verte catalogue.

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